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I see fashion as a way to increase the individuals belief in the person they want to be. The way we dress is motivating, often aspirational and always an integral part of who we are.

I'm interested in creating beautiful items that transcend the fashion/fetish/costume/art labels and satisfy me creatively, while also appealing to others and becoming items to cherish and wear with pride for years to come. I enjoy trends and fashion but I prefer clothes that are versatile and can be carried forward from season to season, I therefore aim to achieve a unique but timeless quality within my work.

Each Eustratia item is handmade in the UK, with great attention to detail, utilising quality materials and producing a unique look and quality of finish.

The brand focuses on the exploration of antithesis, the combination of the unlikely and the interpretation of beauty. I hope my products will enable customers to face reality protected and confident.

The Eustratia vision is aimed towards individuals who wish to express themselves through their appearance, amplifying their beauty and enhancing their personality in order to convey a message.

I dream of a world where the beauty and decadence of the past are combined with the posibilities and mystery of the future.


-Stacey Black, founder and creative director.



Each Eustratia item is hand-crafted in our attelier, here in the UK, with great attention to detail, utilising quality materials and producing a unique look and quality of finish.

Thrrough this site, we aim to make the Eustratia vision available to everyone. We hope that our customers appreciate our efforts to maintain brand intergity and ethical construction and rejoice in the fact that their item was made with love and affection as opposed to exploitation and exhaustion that may otherwise be the case.

The profit margin on the products sold here is low, the hours it takes to complete the more elaborate pieces are many and the cost of materials and trims bought in small quantities is high. It is impossible for a small, independent label to compete with the prices generated by the world of fast fashion, especially where intricate detailing and exclusive designs are involved. Anyone seeking the cheapest product around should probably look elsewhere. Having said that, we do aim to make our products as accessible as possible and always offer good value for money.